Oct 25

What Luck…

On the other side of the pond Gary and Lora dreamed of having a California style wedding.  With not much hope of being able to create the same vibe in the UK, they decided to take their closest friends and family to The hills of central Cali to get hitched.  They really wanted to make sure that they had a real American experience, so the entire wedding party and guests camped in tents and fished in the pond all week (since that is what all of us americans do all the time right?).  Also, what better way to have yourself a good old American time than to engage your entire group in a game of rehearsal baseball.  Despite their lack of knowledge in the actual rules and techniques of the game, there was no lack of laughter and action.  Gary and Lora put so much thought and effort in making this a unique and personalized event. They are adventurous, relaxed and loving. They were able to incorporate these elements into the entire experience. As we met with Gary and Lora over skype a few weeks prior to the event, they gave us absolute free reign and all their trust to capture their experience in a way that was unique to them.  Their were no shot lists or rigid expectations, just pure trust.  They will be premiering this film in the UK in November to all of their friends and family that were unable to be there on that day.  What we wouldn’t give to be there and experience that with them!

What luck… that we would get the opportunity to capture a couple so full of love and giving as Gary and Lora.


Behind every tubular event there has to be a tubular team… We worked with some of the greatest on this one.
Amorology – Insanely unique design and planning

Brandon Kidd Photography – Mind Blowing Imagery

Nicole Deanne - Crafty with all things hair and make-up

Duo Catering - Out of this world grubb… seriously

Gary and Lora’s reaction after viewing the film was so poignant, we wanted to share:

“Ummmm the only words I can think of right now is WOW. Seriously I have no words for how incredible the highlights are. We literally watched them through several times without stopping. We had no idea you guys shot that much film. I cannot believe you captured all of those emotions!

If that is the highlights I know that we will be literally blown away by the full version. We knew when we asked you three to document our wedding that it would be something special, but never dreamed of the depths you went to to secure the most incredible footage.

We will treasure this until the end of our lives, thank you thank you thank you.

Lora and Gary xxx”

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  • Zach W. - Speechless. That was amazing.
  • Heidi R. - WOW. So amazing and beautiful and touching. What a wonderful day that must have been for all involved.
  • Ceci - What a fun bunch.... Great job as always!
  • Jason+Anna Photography - You guys are the absolute bestest. Love this..love the creative nature of it all and... love you guys. ;)
  • Jim - Very well done guys! Quality and heartfelt! Nice editing and sound selections.
  • Dannie - your videos ALWAYS make me cry. maybe i'm just a sap....but this was really beautiful. Love your work, as always. :)
  • lydia {ever ours} - been having no luck with the traffic/commute gods this week and been miserable, but THIS made my day...wunderbar, y'all!
  • Brian Khang - You guys are truly amazing! Beautiful as always and pieced together with so much heartfelt emotion!
  • Brian White - That pan-shot during the vows is sick. You guys never stop blowing me away. You capture live events effortlessly. That's a big deal. Nice work.
  • kristin - oh so perfect! i smiled the whole time watching this and reliving that amazing weekend with the sweetest couple! great job guys! loved getting to work with you. :)
  • Mike Hall - Beautiful!
  • Kelley - So amazing!! I wish I had cool accents like them :)
  • Brandon Kidd - WOW! I just LOVE this video so much! You guys are insane and just love everything that you touch! Such a magnificent blend of humor, love and raw emotion! You guys are the best!!
  • Kim Winkelman - Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! What a beautiful couple... and you captured their love so well. Holy smokes I am honestly in awe of your work, I was seriously brought to tears watching this video and I don't even know them!
  • Bethany Raelene - Perfect as ever. I love love LOVE that you have 3 angles on the vows and that the audio is crystal clear. You guys are so freaking good!
  • Heather@amorology - So loved this you guys! Truly you guys are some of the very best! ...and so much fun to work with! Can't wait to share this with our readers. Going to get something up soon!
  • Jill A. - Amazing that you can capture a love like this and make us all feel it as if we were experiencing it first hand. How "lucky" are we that something this beautiful can be shared?!
  • Lora and Gary - I know that you've already posted our response to this, but I couldn't help but comment here. Everytime we watch this it really does take us back to our wedding day, and brings it back to life in a way we never expected. There are moments in the film that we didn't see, or had forgotten and we get to see it all in action. It means more to us than you can know. I hope many many more couples allow you to work your magic. xxx
  • Jamie - what a tubular video that captured such a fantastic wedding.