Tim and Claire dated over six years before making the commitment to get married. Their wedding was not only anticipated by them, but everyone involved. So, we wanted to try something different. As we approached this shoot, we challenged ourselves to shoot with the theme of perspective. We shot a larger percentage of the shots from the perspective of the couple, the bridal party or guests, to help us feel what it felt to experience their wedding. Here is what we were able to create for them. Enjoy!

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Aug 22


It never ceases to amaze us here at STF, in regards to how lucky we find ourselves to be meeting the incredible people we get to create films for.

Last week we got the chance to show this love story at a very unique and special wedding. The moment we met Brandon, Malia and Brandon’s daughter, Avery, we knew we would have the chance to share this couples wonderful beginning, with all of our friends. It’s a story of two families coming together, and Avery was the glue that sealed the deal.

Both Brandon and Malia are elementary school teachers, so it was obvious to shoot in their most natural environment, the class room; which by the way, provided such a great setting for this Love Story.  Beyond their similar workplace, so many of their memories were made in Brandon’s house involving his daughter Avery.  Being able to capture such a unique reality between them, was treat for us.

This 2+1 story is inspiring and touching!


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  • Studio Phoenix - very nice photos, I am really feeling this blog
  • Katlyn - Hey there :) I am a big fan of your blog posts and your blog!
Oct 3


We’re so excited you came to the dance party!!! Welcome to the brand spankin’ new website for SHADE TREE FILMS

  • If you’re a BRIDE, we’re so glad you’re here! This is your new home … a place JUST FOR YOU!
  • If you’re a FILMMAKER and want to know more about our CINESKOOL workshops, this is your new home: SkooledByFools.com
  • If you own your OWN BIZ, we have a space just for you right here: BIZ Site

Again,THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! We can’t wait to spend more time with all of you!

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Our quest to tell rad peoples unique stories continues and Sharon and Nick are some of the radest people we know!  In talking with Nick and Sharon about their likes, loves and what makes them unique, we found out that there are two things that bind them together:
1. Huge love for one another and…
2. Some action in the kitchen… cooking action of course.

Check ‘em out doing their thing, and telling their rad story.

Thanks for Watching!

Love, STF

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  • Jerry + Winnie - Amazing film. Captures them perfectly. Hearing their story makes me tear up with joy every time I watch it. Love, the shot of nick flipping food one-handed...classic nick!
  • Megan - Guys! I love this. So many beautiful shots. So much great detail. Intimacy and epic. Killer work!
  • Sharon + Nick - We were waiting to comment until we could watch our love story again together. We held hands the whole time and noticed all the little details you guys included that we missed at our reception. It's amazing how you captured a look, or a smile, or a word that neither of us even remember doing, and yet they are moments that are so us in our everyday lives. This love story is something we'll cherish forever. We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. We feel honored to have worked with you and can't wait to see the film of our wedding. Sending you our love from North Carolina!

Kelsey is to Kevin what butter is to bread, what laces are to shoes, what gasoline is to an automobile, what a glove is to a hand, and what an awesome wife is to an amazing husband.  We were honored to capture the day that changed these two lives forever!

Consider this our first pro surfing film! Well not really!!


Shot with Mark Brooke Photography


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  • lydia {ever ours} - i should be cramming right now for my exam in an hour. but instead i watched this. you guys are totally rad...loved the surfing clips. i'm going in to this exam with happy thoughts now!
  • Jan - This is precious! Made me teary! Well done guys! You are awesomely talented! Can't wait to see more!!
  • Wendy - AMAZING....hard to see it thru the tears!!! Can't wait to see the entire production!
  • Yuliya - Love it! You told the story in a such a beautiful way, priceless!
  • Trish - simply beautiful and so sweet......
  • diana elizabeth - i love the father of his bride. i started laughing when he said "you know what i mean." great job.