Just a few weeks ago we boarded a plane to take a 9 hour journey to an unknown place in Puerto Rico.  Once we landed in San Juan we began another dark 2 hour trek to the other side of the island.  It wasn’t until morning that we discovered we were in the middle of paradise, and that this was going to be an epic adventure.  Jared and Velisa brought their family and closest friends to a place that meant so much to them and reflected who they are.  We were with Jared, Velisa and their peeps for 3 days of activities leading up to the ceremony and insane party that followed.  This event was a perfect fit for us because their focus was not so much on floral arrangements and color schemes (however those things may be important) but it was so much more about creating an active experience, that their guests would NEVER forget.  There is so much more of the experience that we wish we could have fit into the highlight film.  When considering everything that we could include in the film, we decided it was best to stick to the basics.  Jared and Velisa have such an authentic, true and raw love, that we wanted to focus mostly on that aspect of the entire experience.  So sit back relax and enjoy the radness that is Jared and Velisa.

Our greatest thanks to:
The Music Bed – For the best freaking music licensing in the galaxy
Lens Pro To Go – For saving our tooshies and getting us the gear we needed
Robert Miles – For sweating off at least 25 pounds in the three days to help us cover everything! (You should eat at Mc Donalds for at least 6 months, you didnt have 25 pounds to loose.)

Check out a few of the photos from the trip…


-Love STF


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  • Shoshana - YAY! You guys did it again! I have been waiting literally ages for a new film and as soon as I saw one in my reader i dropped everything. The way you capture stories is incredible so keep doing it! I'll be here to watch :)
  • Julieanna - Some of your best work yet! Always surprising. love it!
  • Bethany Raelene - You guys always make me want to get married so bad!!! I don't even know Jared or Velisa but I had tears in my eyes (again) and joy in my heart for them! Because that's what you guys do. Amazing work (again).
  • Lee - OMG I don't even know these people and my heart wanted to burst. It felt like it did 31 years ago the day I married there was no video then but if there was I would of booked.

One of them was born in a far off land.
One of them feels most comfortable in cowboy boots.
One of them is a champion cook.
One of them loves to eat the food cooked by a champion.
One of them is a master in 3D design.
One of them has a deep appreciation for Shakespeare.
One of them would be cast perfectly as James Bond.
One of them would be cast perfectly as Ariel, the Mermaid princess.
Both of them wear their heart on their sleeve!
Both of them have a profound love for life and each other!
Both of them have an outrageous sense of humor!
Both of them are MADE for each other!


Others making it happen for Sasha+Aernout:
Austin and Dara Photogrpahy


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  • lydia {ever ours} - just...absolutely perfect. that's all. that and the last part. love the bloody accent :)
  • Bethany - *sigh* That was so beautiful! As always. You guys make me want to get married just so I can have you film it. :)
  • Dusten LaPointe - Drew, Chad, you guys are excellent at what you do. Really encourages me to know that it is possible, I appreciate your abilities to capture stories, its SO important. PS. I like the Weed, CA shirt Aernout was wearing about 40 seconds in, thats like an hour north of where I live. Good job keep it up
  • allison daza - That was unbelievable! It touched me from the moment it started!
  • Mark Klassen - i love watching wedding videos :) especially the stuff you guys are doing. great stuff. good song too, i love leeland.
  • diana elizabeth - i love this. ending is so cute.
  • Reverend Chris Ernst - I am weeping while typing and you should be so proud of your unity and TRULY finding the perfect fit for one another. What an amazingly well produced video. I will reco those guys to anyone...wow! love to the baron and baroness..now let's go ski
  • Yuliya - Sweeeeet! Thank you for sharing. I loved their story, loved their wedding, and your cinema is superb!
  • Julieanna - This is so beautiful. As always, very touching.
  • Steve Elmer - Perfect. That is it. Sasha and Aernout may be the luckiest couple in the world with a video of this calibre :)
  • Sasha van Pallandt - We *are* the luckiest couple in the world! We were so blessed to have such brilliant, talented, warm people film our wedding. Shade Tree Films is, bar none, the best. Thank you for filming my happiest day (so far)!

Kelsey is to Kevin what butter is to bread, what laces are to shoes, what gasoline is to an automobile, what a glove is to a hand, and what an awesome wife is to an amazing husband.  We were honored to capture the day that changed these two lives forever!

Consider this our first pro surfing film! Well not really!!


Shot with Mark Brooke Photography


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  • lydia {ever ours} - i should be cramming right now for my exam in an hour. but instead i watched this. you guys are totally rad...loved the surfing clips. i'm going in to this exam with happy thoughts now!
  • Jan - This is precious! Made me teary! Well done guys! You are awesomely talented! Can't wait to see more!!
  • Wendy - AMAZING....hard to see it thru the tears!!! Can't wait to see the entire production!
  • Yuliya - Love it! You told the story in a such a beautiful way, priceless!
  • Trish - simply beautiful and so sweet......
  • diana elizabeth - i love the father of his bride. i started laughing when he said "you know what i mean." great job.
Feb 2

The Kidds

This wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings in the industry. For those of you who know Brandon and Kristin, your a better person because of their kind, positive personalities and friendship. These two are one of the most bubbly, most helpful, and Christlike people you will ever meet. They truly express their beliefs through their day to day actions. Not only are they just amazing people, but they are radical photogs.

As for those of you who live here in So Cal, we witnessed some of the most drenching rain we’ve had in years. After a 4 days of down pour and with just hours to go before the wedding and a complete outdoors ceremony and reception planned, the forecast was not leaning in the Kidd’s favor. But as Sat Morning came, the clouds moved on and the sun beamed making the conditions truly stunning and perfect for this special occasion. Because the weather put such a stress on them and their family, we saw it fitting to begin the day a little earlier and document them preparing the site for the moment Brandon and Kristin had been waited for. Their wedding was a celebration of love and friendship and of faith in God. We shared the day with

Photographer – Jasmine Star and JD,

Photo Booth – Jillian and Tony

Polaroids (Yep, thats right…Polaroids) – Roger and Lyndzee Ellsworth

Coordinator – Eva Chiou

Floral – Lauryl Lane

DJ- Dj Taso

We have a little disclaimer also… We did not have Brandon and Kristin reenact their proposal. Brandon is such a guy, that he planned out the whole proposal and had two friends hidden capturing the entire thing as it took place. Even better he kept the taping a secret and it was revealed to Kristin for the first time as they viewed the film at the wedding. The look on her face as she realized that he had done this was simply sweet.



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  • Tyler - Another beautiful story told AMAZINGLY. Well done my friend!
  • Melissa - SO SO SO SO awesome!!!!! You guys did such an amazing job. Love the video and the whole story line. It was really awesome to see the guys prepping the ceremony site, and all the events that led up to an amazing day!! It WAS an amazing day, thanks for documenting it so well!! :)
  • Brandon+Kristin Kidd - DREW!!!! Honestly man we are just speechless. You did such an amazing job.. actually that is unjust to say.. we can't begin to describe in words how fantastic of a job you did on our wedding and love story. What you have captured is something that we will hold on to and treasure for years and years to come. You are truly gifted and we couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. What a HUGE blessing you have been to us... We are incredibly thankful! Every time we watch this we are brought to tears.. How you can do that in only a 5 min video is beside us and we can only imagine how insanely awesome the full production is going to be. We cant wait.. we will of course :) We love you guys so much and are just in awe at how incredibly talented you and the rest of your team are (Romney and Chad you rock!). If an insanely awesome video wasn't enough you all have hearts of gold and really pursue serving your clients whole-heartedly! We felt loved, supported and encouraged all along the way. Thanks for completely surpassing every and ALL our expectations TENFOLD!! Thanks again for the best video EVER!!- Love, Brandon and Kristin Kidd
  • Amish - Wow, that was pretty damn impressive. Great job Drew. The story telling on this was very very well done. Loved the way everything... clicked together. Keep up the great work!
  • lydia - amazing! beautifully and so very well captured. awesome job, drew and co! so great to have met you guys too!
  • Lauryl Lane - Um, guys, this is INCREDIBLE. Wow. Just wow. It was great to meet you and I am seriously impressed by your work. To think you did this while sitting on the floor in a messy, freezing pool house. Crazy amazing. Love it!
  • Bianca Juarez - Oh my god... I don't even know this couple and I'm crying?! You're amazing, Drew!!!
  • alec vanderboom - once again. Incredible incredible stuff. breaking ground with each new video that you put out. Brandon and Kristin- thanks for loving an amazing God and being able to share that through your story.
  • Jasmine* - Great job, Drew! It was awesome working with you! :)
  • Theresa - OMG! This is totally amazing. Like a really great feature film. Makes a person feel all sunny and warm inside.. Awesome work!
  • Larry Abbott - Congratulations to Kristin and Brandon. And, congratulations to you and your team for capturing a special moment in their lives. I have known Kristin and the Wyley family since Kristin and my daughter were gymnastic teammates more then 15 years ago. You have truly captured the beuty of Kristin. Thank you.
  • Gary & Courtney - Superbly done guys. Beautifully produced, and great story telling.
  • Lyndzee of EP - BAMMMMMMM, you guys are full of awesome sauce!! Love you all and the LOVE THE KIDDS!!
  • Lacy - Well done! What a beautiful video!!
  • Erin - Drew, you are amazing! I don't even know these two but I found myself in tears listening to them talk about each other. Every single one of your videos gives me goosebumps. I hope to get to work with you some time soon.
  • Macy - This video is truly magical. I don't even know the couple and I had a few tears by the end of it. What an amazing love story you captured. Your work is incredible!
  • Michelle Guzman - WOW! You are such an artist. This is just amazing. I have seen this a few times and am still in awe every time I see it.
  • Bethany Ann - I Love Love Love this! Great job! So well crafted. :)
  • Lissette Q Garcia - This is AH-MAY-ZING!!! Seriously. What an incredibly well executed production. You guys are incredibly talented. What a touching reminder of that day for that beautiful couple.
  • Brandon + Kristin Kidd = EPlove-aroids » EP temecula, wedding photography, portrait photographer, southern california, Ellsworth Photography - [...] anybody had to do with it. Brandon’s, Jasmine’s, Tony and Jill’s from zanybooth, Shade Tree’s, Jen from Green Wedding shoes and now ours. We were not a vendor at the wedding but a couple of [...]
  • LV - wow, incredible.
  • Kelly - Wish you guys were located in Miami!! You guys do a wonderful job! Simply amazing and beautiful. You capture the essence of the day. Each with their own unique story. You could see the emotion and excitement of that special day! Keep up with the great work and may God Bless you!
  • Anne - Omy.... tissues on the Go this was one of my favorites... I just loved everything about it,I love the concept of the Chair in the middle of no where ... really kool guys ... ☺
  • Brittany Graham - Hello, In the Kidds' wedding video, I was wondering what song was playing. Thanks.
  • Cindy - simply lovely...