Bottom line… Caitlin and Matt are some of the raddest folks we have had a chance to work with.



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  • lydia {ever ours} - my heart's always happy after seeing one of these from you guys.
  • Christian - Great video! Big fan of your work. Been trying to figure out the name of the song you have in this video. Absolutely love it.
  • missie - Beautiful...where was the wedding located??
  • Shade Tree Team - A venue called Nestle Down in San Jose area. Thanks for watching!!
  • California Outdoor Wedding - Once Wed - [...] Silveira – Thomas John Events // Videographer: Chad & Drew – Shade Tree Films … A cut of our video // The Band: Windy Hills Bluegrass // DJ: Andrew – Sound in Motion ( [...]
Jul 10

On Fire

We got to hang out with Blake and Melissa for a day.  It was every kids dream really… Go to the fire station look at the cool trucks, get ice cream and play in a big field.  We had a ton of fun, and so did they… We think.  We took some pictures to show you!

Congrats to Blake and Melissa!



Love STF



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May 18

Killer Boots

Hey Everybody!
Meet Cate and Trevor.
They are rad people.
We like them a lot.
We also like taking pictures of them because they look really good together and they both can do the serious photo look perfectly.
You should look at these pictures and you will like them as well.
We are excited shoot the film and photos for their wedding in September!


OK Lets talk about the elephant in the room… yes we are now offering photography for our wedding couples, and whoever else we decide to point a camera at.  Its gunna be fun!


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  • MFMG - Nice work guys.
  • Bethany Raelene - Love the photos! I'm very excited about you guys doing photography too... so awesome!