At the end of a VERY long and winding road through the forests of Central California, at the base of dwarfing granite slabs, sits a small chapel.  This was the perfect setting for two people that adore each other, to make promises that are as strong as the mountains that surrounded them.  There is so much meaning and story behind Becky and Eric’s unique wedding in the valleys of Yosemite National Park.  Seven years of growing together and serving God side by side, culminated into one day of excitement and emotion.  All the details of the wedding were a direct reflection of who they are, and the experiences they have been through.  It was an honor to witness the vulnerable vows this couple shared; they were completely transparent. We didn’t force them to read their cards from one another (which we never do), everything that we were able to capture was 100% authentic. For Becky and Eric this day wasn’t about the flowers and the dinner menu, it was about them, their love and God.  SO RAD!

We took advantage of the opportunity not afforded very often, of shooting in Yosemite National Park.  We woke up earlier than roosters to head out into the freezing cold, and get morning time lapses and scenery shoots. It was rad to have that opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and capture some of the most amazing creations on the earth.  We knew that this location was so important to Becky and Eric and we wanted to do our best to incorporate its vast beauty into the film that they would treasure for a life time.  You often don’t see a lot of “establishment” shots in our films.  When a wedding is held in a hotel or other venues that don’t have as much meaning to the story, we feel there are better ways to show who the couple really is.  However in this case… the scenery compliments the couples story and who they are perfectly.

There was so much meaning and emotion behind the conversation that happened throughout the day that we picked a sound track from Tim Halperin that would match the emotion and pacing of the days of events.  So not distract in anyway from the dialogue of the day, we used both the instrumental and lyrical track for the song.  Both of these are licensed through The Music Bed.  Using both tracks gave us the ability to use only instrumental during the dialogue heavy parts of the film, and then bring in the lyrics to break it up and fill in where there is not as much dialogue.

The chapel was extremely dark with yellow lighting.  Lets just say that New Blue FX, color fixer plus saved our tushies on this one.  We were able to take extremely under exposed and yellow footage and make it look more natural and radtastic.

We can’t thank Becky and Eric enough for letting us be a small part of their lives…

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  • Zach - Amazing, as usual. Well done!
  • lydia {ever ours} - i like that all 4 mins and 45 seconds of this, i sat here with a huge goofy smile on my face.
  • Dara - Ammmmmazing job guys! You completely captured these two. We're so thankful that you were able to be there for them and had such a blast with you (as always!). We love you guys, Austin & Dara.
  • christina granillo - This video was amazing. It touched my heart deeply. What a great job you did with this. It was perfectly done.
  • Eran and Aubs Photography and Cinematography - Your guys are amazing.....this video was so good!! GREAT JOB SHADE TREE FILMS!!
  • Kelsey - You guys have been blessed with some amazing talent! I almost started tearing up watching this video...and I don't even know these two. You captured their love for God and love for each other beautifully. Keep doing what you're doing! God Bless.
Dec 2

The Goods

In our quest for branding that better represents us and the experience that couples will have with us, we also have done some revamping of our products packaging. Here is a little sneak peek of what you get when you embark on the Shade Tree experience.

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  • jeromie - i really dig the packaging. it's unique and fun.i'm a huge fan of your work!
  • Evy - Love! Super excited to see the goods.
  • Sarah - Very cool. If I were a client I would enjoy it. =)
  • Jacki - Awesome! Love it! Especially the yellow and white string/twine!
  • Jamie - Looking forward to getting our package!
  • David - Awesome packaging guys! Who printed it for you?
Oct 25

What Luck…

On the other side of the pond Gary and Lora dreamed of having a California style wedding.  With not much hope of being able to create the same vibe in the UK, they decided to take their closest friends and family to The hills of central Cali to get hitched.  They really wanted to make sure that they had a real American experience, so the entire wedding party and guests camped in tents and fished in the pond all week (since that is what all of us americans do all the time right?).  Also, what better way to have yourself a good old American time than to engage your entire group in a game of rehearsal baseball.  Despite their lack of knowledge in the actual rules and techniques of the game, there was no lack of laughter and action.  Gary and Lora put so much thought and effort in making this a unique and personalized event. They are adventurous, relaxed and loving. They were able to incorporate these elements into the entire experience. As we met with Gary and Lora over skype a few weeks prior to the event, they gave us absolute free reign and all their trust to capture their experience in a way that was unique to them.  Their were no shot lists or rigid expectations, just pure trust.  They will be premiering this film in the UK in November to all of their friends and family that were unable to be there on that day.  What we wouldn’t give to be there and experience that with them!

What luck… that we would get the opportunity to capture a couple so full of love and giving as Gary and Lora.


Behind every tubular event there has to be a tubular team… We worked with some of the greatest on this one.
Amorology – Insanely unique design and planning

Brandon Kidd Photography – Mind Blowing Imagery

Nicole Deanne - Crafty with all things hair and make-up

Duo Catering - Out of this world grubb… seriously

Gary and Lora’s reaction after viewing the film was so poignant, we wanted to share:

“Ummmm the only words I can think of right now is WOW. Seriously I have no words for how incredible the highlights are. We literally watched them through several times without stopping. We had no idea you guys shot that much film. I cannot believe you captured all of those emotions!

If that is the highlights I know that we will be literally blown away by the full version. We knew when we asked you three to document our wedding that it would be something special, but never dreamed of the depths you went to to secure the most incredible footage.

We will treasure this until the end of our lives, thank you thank you thank you.

Lora and Gary xxx”

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  • Zach W. - Speechless. That was amazing.
  • Heidi R. - WOW. So amazing and beautiful and touching. What a wonderful day that must have been for all involved.
  • Ceci - What a fun bunch.... Great job as always!
  • Jason+Anna Photography - You guys are the absolute bestest. Love the creative nature of it all and... love you guys. ;)
  • Jim - Very well done guys! Quality and heartfelt! Nice editing and sound selections.
  • Dannie - your videos ALWAYS make me cry. maybe i'm just a sap....but this was really beautiful. Love your work, as always. :)
  • lydia {ever ours} - been having no luck with the traffic/commute gods this week and been miserable, but THIS made my day...wunderbar, y'all!
  • Brian Khang - You guys are truly amazing! Beautiful as always and pieced together with so much heartfelt emotion!
  • Brian White - That pan-shot during the vows is sick. You guys never stop blowing me away. You capture live events effortlessly. That's a big deal. Nice work.
  • kristin - oh so perfect! i smiled the whole time watching this and reliving that amazing weekend with the sweetest couple! great job guys! loved getting to work with you. :)
  • Mike Hall - Beautiful!
  • Kelley - So amazing!! I wish I had cool accents like them :)
  • Brandon Kidd - WOW! I just LOVE this video so much! You guys are insane and just love everything that you touch! Such a magnificent blend of humor, love and raw emotion! You guys are the best!!
  • Kim Winkelman - Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! What a beautiful couple... and you captured their love so well. Holy smokes I am honestly in awe of your work, I was seriously brought to tears watching this video and I don't even know them!
  • Bethany Raelene - Perfect as ever. I love love LOVE that you have 3 angles on the vows and that the audio is crystal clear. You guys are so freaking good!
  • Heather@amorology - So loved this you guys! Truly you guys are some of the very best! ...and so much fun to work with! Can't wait to share this with our readers. Going to get something up soon!
  • Jill A. - Amazing that you can capture a love like this and make us all feel it as if we were experiencing it first hand. How "lucky" are we that something this beautiful can be shared?!
  • Lora and Gary - I know that you've already posted our response to this, but I couldn't help but comment here. Everytime we watch this it really does take us back to our wedding day, and brings it back to life in a way we never expected. There are moments in the film that we didn't see, or had forgotten and we get to see it all in action. It means more to us than you can know. I hope many many more couples allow you to work your magic. xxx
  • Jamie - what a tubular video that captured such a fantastic wedding.

Our quest to tell rad peoples unique stories continues and Sharon and Nick are some of the radest people we know!  In talking with Nick and Sharon about their likes, loves and what makes them unique, we found out that there are two things that bind them together:
1. Huge love for one another and…
2. Some action in the kitchen… cooking action of course.

Check ‘em out doing their thing, and telling their rad story.

Thanks for Watching!

Love, STF

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  • Jerry + Winnie - Amazing film. Captures them perfectly. Hearing their story makes me tear up with joy every time I watch it. Love, the shot of nick flipping food one-handed...classic nick!
  • Megan - Guys! I love this. So many beautiful shots. So much great detail. Intimacy and epic. Killer work!
  • Sharon + Nick - We were waiting to comment until we could watch our love story again together. We held hands the whole time and noticed all the little details you guys included that we missed at our reception. It's amazing how you captured a look, or a smile, or a word that neither of us even remember doing, and yet they are moments that are so us in our everyday lives. This love story is something we'll cherish forever. We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. We feel honored to have worked with you and can't wait to see the film of our wedding. Sending you our love from North Carolina!

When you have waited for something, that you want so badly, for fifteen years… and you finally get it, you know its going to be good!

Such is the case with Evita and Jon and their day was good, it was real good!

Check out the awesome sauce images from Evita+Jon’s day by Jagger Photo.

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  • Alyse - There are no words for how incredible this is. Except that I am absolutely blown away and sobbing. And I don't even know this couple. :) What a beautiful gift you've given them! AMAZING job!!
  • Micah - Wow guys! Great storytelling. You had me at the water drops shots at the beginning. And the first look footage?! What!?!! You killed it! Proud to recommend you to all our couples!
  • David Aguilar - This is great! I love your style and attention to detail!
  • Heidi R. - Guys, I'm sobbing over here! Such an amazing and beautiful story that you've told here. Where were you when I got married!?! :)
  • lydia {ever ours} - you guys always know how to get it done. and yet another amazeballs wedding film under the belt...huzzah!
  • Mike Novelli - There was so much emotion in this film and the first look sequence you put together was really good! What a great story!
  • jeff ambrose - hurts to say it but i think a well done video like this trumps a photo anyday. very nice work guys.
  • karen - this was so beautiful!! i cried.
  • Jon - Wow Jagger Photography and Shade tree films are the best! They are really talented not to mention very cool people to work with! Worth every penny! Keep it up! Thank God my wife found you guys online and she was stubborn enough not to consider our other options! Thank you for doing such a very good job!
  • jeff marsh - what the! Shannon Kapp, the officiant, is my homie. small world. killer film.
  • Dustin Bess - Wow! You guys never cease to amaze me. And what an awesome idea for first look. Way to go!
  • marvin tsai - WOW! you guys rock! so touching!! I love your steady cam move, camera angle and how you edited. I will refer you guys for next wedding. :)
  • Jagger Photography - we've been meaning to tell you guys how truly amazing this video is. We watched it with Grayson's family and literally all of us almost cried. You guys are so ridiculously good at what you do. Maybe it's b/c we were there and know how great this couple is, but you captured them SO well.... It's the best wedding video we've ever seen!
  • Mia Baker - Wow...I've seen so many great wedding videos, but that truly was a work of art. Of course I'm in tears. That took my breath away.
  • Kristin - AH-MAZING! it's impossible for you guys to capture and edit anything but perfect!