Jul 10

On Fire

We got to hang out with Blake and Melissa for a day.  It was every kids dream really… Go to the fire station look at the cool trucks, get ice cream and play in a big field.  We had a ton of fun, and so did they… We think.  We took some pictures to show you!

Congrats to Blake and Melissa!



Love STF



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May 18

Killer Boots

Hey Everybody!
Meet Cate and Trevor.
They are rad people.
We like them a lot.
We also like taking pictures of them because they look really good together and they both can do the serious photo look perfectly.
You should look at these pictures and you will like them as well.
We are excited shoot the film and photos for their wedding in September!


OK Lets talk about the elephant in the room… yes we are now offering photography for our wedding couples, and whoever else we decide to point a camera at.  Its gunna be fun!


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  • MFMG - Nice work guys.
  • Bethany Raelene - Love the photos! I'm very excited about you guys doing photography too... so awesome!

Just a few weeks ago we boarded a plane to take a 9 hour journey to an unknown place in Puerto Rico.  Once we landed in San Juan we began another dark 2 hour trek to the other side of the island.  It wasn’t until morning that we discovered we were in the middle of paradise, and that this was going to be an epic adventure.  Jared and Velisa brought their family and closest friends to a place that meant so much to them and reflected who they are.  We were with Jared, Velisa and their peeps for 3 days of activities leading up to the ceremony and insane party that followed.  This event was a perfect fit for us because their focus was not so much on floral arrangements and color schemes (however those things may be important) but it was so much more about creating an active experience, that their guests would NEVER forget.  There is so much more of the experience that we wish we could have fit into the highlight film.  When considering everything that we could include in the film, we decided it was best to stick to the basics.  Jared and Velisa have such an authentic, true and raw love, that we wanted to focus mostly on that aspect of the entire experience.  So sit back relax and enjoy the radness that is Jared and Velisa.

Our greatest thanks to:
The Music Bed – For the best freaking music licensing in the galaxy
Lens Pro To Go – For saving our tooshies and getting us the gear we needed
Robert Miles – For sweating off at least 25 pounds in the three days to help us cover everything! (You should eat at Mc Donalds for at least 6 months, you didnt have 25 pounds to loose.)

Check out a few of the photos from the trip…


-Love STF


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  • Shoshana - YAY! You guys did it again! I have been waiting literally ages for a new film and as soon as I saw one in my reader i dropped everything. The way you capture stories is incredible so keep doing it! I'll be here to watch :)
  • Julieanna - Some of your best work yet! Always surprising. love it!
  • Bethany Raelene - You guys always make me want to get married so bad!!! I don't even know Jared or Velisa but I had tears in my eyes (again) and joy in my heart for them! Because that's what you guys do. Amazing work (again).
  • Lee - OMG I don't even know these people and my heart wanted to burst. It felt like it did 31 years ago the day I married there was no video then but if there was I would of booked.

At the end of a VERY long and winding road through the forests of Central California, at the base of dwarfing granite slabs, sits a small chapel.  This was the perfect setting for two people that adore each other, to make promises that are as strong as the mountains that surrounded them.  There is so much meaning and story behind Becky and Eric’s unique wedding in the valleys of Yosemite National Park.  Seven years of growing together and serving God side by side, culminated into one day of excitement and emotion.  All the details of the wedding were a direct reflection of who they are, and the experiences they have been through.  It was an honor to witness the vulnerable vows this couple shared; they were completely transparent. We didn’t force them to read their cards from one another (which we never do), everything that we were able to capture was 100% authentic. For Becky and Eric this day wasn’t about the flowers and the dinner menu, it was about them, their love and God.  SO RAD!

We took advantage of the opportunity not afforded very often, of shooting in Yosemite National Park.  We woke up earlier than roosters to head out into the freezing cold, and get morning time lapses and scenery shoots. It was rad to have that opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and capture some of the most amazing creations on the earth.  We knew that this location was so important to Becky and Eric and we wanted to do our best to incorporate its vast beauty into the film that they would treasure for a life time.  You often don’t see a lot of “establishment” shots in our films.  When a wedding is held in a hotel or other venues that don’t have as much meaning to the story, we feel there are better ways to show who the couple really is.  However in this case… the scenery compliments the couples story and who they are perfectly.

There was so much meaning and emotion behind the conversation that happened throughout the day that we picked a sound track from Tim Halperin that would match the emotion and pacing of the days of events.  So not distract in anyway from the dialogue of the day, we used both the instrumental and lyrical track for the song.  Both of these are licensed through The Music Bed.  Using both tracks gave us the ability to use only instrumental during the dialogue heavy parts of the film, and then bring in the lyrics to break it up and fill in where there is not as much dialogue.

The chapel was extremely dark with yellow lighting.  Lets just say that New Blue FX, color fixer plus saved our tushies on this one.  We were able to take extremely under exposed and yellow footage and make it look more natural and radtastic.

We can’t thank Becky and Eric enough for letting us be a small part of their lives…

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  • Zach - Amazing, as usual. Well done!
  • lydia {ever ours} - i like that all 4 mins and 45 seconds of this, i sat here with a huge goofy smile on my face.
  • Dara - Ammmmmazing job guys! You completely captured these two. We're so thankful that you were able to be there for them and had such a blast with you (as always!). We love you guys, Austin & Dara.
  • christina granillo - This video was amazing. It touched my heart deeply. What a great job you did with this. It was perfectly done.
  • Eran and Aubs Photography and Cinematography - Your guys are amazing.....this video was so good!! GREAT JOB SHADE TREE FILMS!!
  • Kelsey - You guys have been blessed with some amazing talent! I almost started tearing up watching this video...and I don't even know these two. You captured their love for God and love for each other beautifully. Keep doing what you're doing! God Bless.

As this year comes to a close, our hearts are humble and full by all of the opportunities that we have had, and the friendships that we have shared. This has been an amazing year full of A LOT of fun and A LOT of work. We have been working harder than a clydesdale in a Christmas Budweiser commercial. Now we get the chance to look back and laugh about the good times… like the time we had an RC helicopter obsession for two weeks.  We will learn from the hard times… like the time we booked the cheapest hotel in Seattle. We will feel love as we think about all the amazing couples that we got to know, the clients that we got to serve, the tubular people we added to our team and the industry friends that we got work side by side with.

As we look forward to the big 12, we cant help but get giddy, and cant wait to see what it brings for the STF family. Our number one goal is to establish real and lasting relationships with those around us. 2012 is gonna be a good year for establishing new and nurturing seasoned relationships. And yes, I am sure there will be TONS of chances to laugh at Chads ability to insert his foot in his mouth on a regular basis.

From the STF family to yours, we wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and the best freakin’ 2012 possible!

In celebration of this Christmas season and to ring in the new year style, we got together for a partay, and had our selves a good ole time.

Love,  STF

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  • Jacki - I'm so glad we've gotten to know you guys as vendors and mentors! Much love and a wonderful and prosperous New Year to you!
  • candice - HOW AM I JUST NOW SEEING THIS POST?!?!?!?! so much fun that night. Love you guys!