In the hills of Monterey CA, once a year, thousands of cyclists gather to race, chill and worship all things bike.  Our friends over at VW asked us to come document their involvement at the Sea Otter Classic. Volkswagen as a company works hard to cater their products to the cycling community.  A lot of their cars lend themselves well to rough terrain and long distances, to get bikers to the trail head or the race across the country.  It was so impressive to see how much they actually cared about the people that drove their cars.  It was a unique opportunity to see such a large corporation act in such an authentic way.

The Sea Otter Classic is an event that anyone that who has a love for bikes, should have the opportunity to attend at some point in their life.  It is over 4 square miles of cycle competition, vendor show floor, camp grounds and natural beauty.  We are so happy that we got a chance to be a part of all the happenings and to tell its story from the view point of Volkswagen.





A huge thanks to:
Lens Pro To Go
The Music Bed
Shoot Sac
Mark Klassen
Curtis Smith



Awesome work TEAM SHADE TREE. Killed it.

You guys are incredible! Keep up the great work friends!

Great job! That was awesome!

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