Sweet November!


Hi Friends!

We know this post might be a little over due, since the upcoming November Cine-skool is already half full,  but we still wanted to take a minute to relay some of our thoughts!

Cine-skool has certainly been a constant evolution for us.  Those of you who came to the first few dates, (over two years ago) and have stuck around up until this point, could attest that being a part of the Cine-Skool fam is definitely a different experience.  After each workshop, we try to honestly evaluate the value of each discussion and exercise, to make sure that we are offering as much value as possible.  This can be a daunting task, but it’s one that we actually love because it leaves us giddy with excitement for the new dates and for another rad experience.

Last March we held the first Cine-skool at home, right here in the STF studio (check out it here). Not only was it a blast to invite complete strangers into our space and have them leave close friends, but having it on our stomping grounds also allowed us to create a more complete and holistic experience.  Not to mention the after party was off the hook. ; )

So as we prepare for the dates coming up in November, we are of course assembling a curriculum that incorporates all of the new techniques and equipment that we are employing, but we are also giving a lot of attention to the way that things are taught and presented.  We want Cine-skool to not only be a place where peeps come to learn about filmmaking and storytelling, but a place to get inspired, refueled and excited!

Up to this point we havn’t had a chance to share some of the feedback we have received from those who have attended in the past.  So for your reading pleasure…

When I attended Cine-skool, it literally changed my life.  It made me think about my life differently, it made me think about my business differently, and it made me think about the way I shoot differently.”        -Becky

 I really wanted to say thank you for making a difference and most importantly being authentic. In short, KIR… keeping it real.

Not only have I learned alot in film making, post editing, general logistics of running a well oiled film making team, I also learned alot about you all in general. You guys probably hear this often but you guys are truly amazing people. I’m a full time engineer and film part time, and most days I cant wait to get home to start editing or storyboard for that next gig. I think for myself and everyone from my team have come a long way in just a few days. We’re excited, we’re motivated, we’re a bit more skilled (lol), and we’re grateful for sharing and being you. Thanks!”     -Christian

 Firstly and most commended, was the warm, open and very welcoming environment that you prepared which made us very comfortable.  It was not hard for me to blend in the rest of the day. It was because of the loose and easy going setting that you guys made it seem.

The meat of the whole workshop for me was discovering myself.  I can just as well read and practice by myself and I am sure I can cover the same material but will never arrive at the same conclusion as I did after the workshop.

Shifting a lot of my previous conceptions regarding the technicalities of the craft was easy. The more salient point(s) were about vision, thinking creatively, marketing strategy and mixing them together without loosing yourself in just one or the other was key. It had to be blended as an overall model so you can have a brand that is both a work of art and a viable business.”  -R-Jay

In short, we absolutely cannot wait to see what will come out of our time in November. We hope you can join us and become part of the Cine-skool fam.
Love, STF


Sweet November - Shade Tree Films - September 17, 2012 - 8:48 pm

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